Barr’s world slam gobblers

Accomplishing a turkey world slam involved killing all six subspecies of turkeys. Here is a rundown of how Rachal Barr sealed the deal before graduating high school:

• Eastern — March 29, 2011, at Ashbrook Island Land Company Hunting Club. The turkey weighed 21 pounds, and sported an 11-inch beard and 13/8-inch spurs.

• Merriam’s — March 28, 2013, at Gobble-N-Grunt Outfitters in Nebraska. This 20-pound, 5-ounce bird carried an 81/4-inch beard and 1-inch spurs.

• Gould’s — April 19, 2013, at Rio Sonora Outfitters in Chihuahua, Mexico. The turkey tipped the scales at 19 pounds, and had a 101/4-inch beard and 1/2-inch spurs.

• Oscillated — February 2014 at Yukkutz Hunting Lodge in Campeche, Mexico. The bird weighed 11½ pounds and sported 1½-inch spurs. NOTE: Oscillated turkeys do not have beards.

• Osceola — March 15, 2014, at Doc Partin Ranch in St. Cloud FL. It weighed 18.6 pounds, had a 10-inch beard and featured 1 1/8-inch spurs.

• Rio Grande — April 11, 2014, at Bar B Bar Ranch in Bandera County, Texas. The bird weighed 19 pounds, and had an 86/8-inch beard and 11/4-inch spurs.

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