Greg Hackney Hunting Coons with Dogs

Season 6, Episode 9

If you like to hunt year round there are a few options you can take advantage. One of those activities is raccoon hunting with dogs. With a year-round open season on racoons, the Sportsman TV set out on a night time coon hunt recently. The trick was finding the right set of dogs. With no connection to any raccoon hunters, producer Jared Serigne took to Facebook to find the right combo of hunters and dogs for the episode- that’s when he found Coon Commander Outdoors.

“I started looking for guys with dogs who would want to come film a show with us. One thing or another led me to Shyne Po. Shyne was super enthusiastic and seemed like his dogs could handle the task so we talked and decided to film together” Serigne explains.

Sportsman TV host Greg Hackney was excited to go on a night time coon hunt with dogs. It had been many years since he last went on this type of hunt. “I was fired up and when the Coon Commanders showed up I knew things were fixing to get wide open” recalls Hackney.

Coon Commander Outdoors is made of up cousins Shyne Po and Andrew Prestley alone with their dogs Red and Rooster. Red is a redbone house while Rooster is a walker hound. The duo of dogs didn’t take long to tree their first coon of the night- seven minutes to be exact. The awesome footage of the dogs doing their work can be seen in the episode.

Behind the phenomenal dog-work and the experience of Po and Prestley, the crew finished the night with eight raccoons. The episode provides plenty of information about hunting raccoons with dogs and what it takes to have first class hunting dogs.