Greg Hackney Goes Redneck Squirrel Hunting

Season 6, Episode 3

Sometimes you just have to go old school to make an entertaining show and that’s exactly what Sportsman TV did on this latest episode. The guys got together and did an old fashioned squirrel hunt with a top notch squirrel dog named Sue Bob. Sue Bob kept her nose to the ground in this episode and provided the hunters with plenty of opportunities at bushy tailed tree rats.

Hunting episodes can be more challenging to produce as there can be little to no action at times on deer hunts and duck hunts. With no action, there’s not really much to film. But a squirrel hunt with a dog is a lot of moving around throughout the woods and if you hunt a decent place it can be a lot of shooting too. This is why Sportsman TV host Greg Hackney and producer Jared Serigne were all in for a squirrel hunt- they just needed to find the right dog.

That’s where Sue Bob comes in. Sue Bob belongs to Chris Roussell, a buddy of Blake Soileau who owns and operates Full Strap and Stringer Guide Service on Catahoula Lake. Blake and his sons appeared on Sportsman TV last season and Hackney and Producer Jared Serigne were excited to get to work with him again. “We love Blake. He’s the epitome of a professional in this business and it was perfect when he said that he and Chris had a squirrel dog. We knew the dog would be awesome because that’s just how Blake rolls.” said Serigne.

In the episode the hunt gets off to a slow start. The show was filmed on a cloudy Mardi Gras day after a cold front and the squirrels didn’t really move around until the later part of the day. Hackney eventually worked the hunt towards a thicket area he had deer hunted this past season. He had been noticing a high number of squirrels in this area. Once they got to this location it wasn’t longer before Sue Bob was barking up trees every few minutes.

The group shot a nice mess of squirrels and Hackney takes the time to talk about a number of things including finding deer sheds, the history of squirrel dogs, and the best way to skin a squirrel. Tune in to see the action.

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