Crazy bowhunting vid: Woman misses five times in a row

Hunter runs out of arrows shooting at one deer

I’m known far and wide as the worst of bowhunters. I mean, I once sat 11 hours, missing three deer at the same spot not five steps from my tree. I missed one three times in a row.

Don’t even ask about the marsh deer that jumped my string at three paces (I swear it happened).

So I felt a certain kinship with the woman in this video, who shot at one dumb doe until she ran out of arrows.

The video begins by showing a doe easing through the woods, just a few paces off the tree in which a hunter was being videoed by her husband.

“Well, there’s one night with my wife that I’ll never forget,” the husband is heard narrating. “And it wasn’t our honeymoon.”

The deer stops, and the woman bowhunter released her arrow — which thudded into the ground just under the hapless deer.

The animal jumped a few steps closer to the tree and stops dead still, swiveling its head to look around. It never looks up, and another arrow is quickly nocked.

Arrow two is released, to smack into the ground just beneath the deer’s hind legs. The deer flinches but doesn’t move an inch.

The woman looks into the camera as she works to nock arrow No. 3, while the doe looks around like it knows something isn’t quite right but can’t put it’s hoof on the issue.

The third shot is just high, and the lighted nock can be seen glowing over the deer — which barely even reacted to the shot that looked to shave its back.

Cue the music, and “Take me out to the ball game” begins playng on the vid.

The hunter nocks and releases arrow No. 4, which gets close enough to finally make the deer bolt.

For about 20 yards.

The deer begins casually walking away, and the husband/videographer bleats at the deer to stop it.

Shot No. 5 sails a couple of feet in front of the deer.

The woman looks into the camera with a dumbfounded smile.

“I have no more arrows,” she whispers.

Yeah, I feel her pain.

Andy Crawford
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