Be prepared to make memories

Alissa Laborde believes the trick to making a memorable hunt is to have everything ready and within reach. When she settled into her stand she made sure all of her gear was placed just right.

“I wanted everything ready so that when a deer came out all I had to do was get my bow off the hanger, pull back the arrow, and take the shot,” she said. “My husband and I also frequently discuss what to do when the moment comes while sitting on the stand. That way it’s all muscle memory at the moment of truth.

“Remember such things as keeping your finger behind the release trigger. Sometimes your bow creeps forward when you shake while drawing, causing your finger to hit the trigger and sending the arrow flying in the wrong direction.”

Laborde also said it’s natural to want to see where the arrow goes, and the archer tends to look around the bow to follow the arrow before it completely clears the rest.

“When you release your arrow, watch it through your sights until you hear the hit,” she said.

Staying focused on the sights will more often result in a clean kill.

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A native of Winn Parish, Terry L. Jones has enjoyed hunting and fishing North Louisiana’s woods and water for 50 years. He lives in West Monroe with his wife, Carol.