Barnett Hyperghost 425

Barnett launched its HyperGhost line of crossbows this past fall, featuring the 405 and 425 models, which are full of the latest features and technology that hunters want in a crossbow.

The 405 comes with an upgraded stock and Barnett’s step-through riser, plus the new Retractable Underarm County ballance Support (RUCS) that hooks under a shooter’s arm to counteract the weight of the riser for better balance when the bow is shouldered. The 405 features a monochromatic Mossy Oak Treestand finish with skull detail delivers arrows at a blistering 405 feet-per-second speed. It comes with three HyperFlite arrows.

The 425 features a 1.5x5x32 illuminated scope, a the RUCS, a SoftLok floating bristle arrow retainer and anti-dry fire TriggerTech trigger. It also comes with HyperFlite arrows.

MSRP of the HyperGhost 405 is $1,099 and $1,299 for the HyperGhost 425.

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