Brush Busting

Put on your walking boots, and kick up a mess of rabbits on these three WMAs.

Growing up in Michigan, I cut my hunting molars beginning with rabbits. I often like to say that Michigan is the Sportsman’s Paradise north, but only as a close runner-up to the one here in the south — especially where rabbits are concerned.

Sure, my old North Country haunts have snowshoe hares and eastern cottontails, but here in Louisiana we have two species also — the eastern cottontail and its bigger cousin, the swamp rabbit. It’s the wily swamp rabbit that most hunters will be chasing, according to Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries biologist Fred Kimmel.

“Swamp rabbits have a pretty big range from the coastal areas all the way up to the swamps and bottomland hardwoods throughout the state,” Kimmel said. “There may be a few eastern cottontails, but what’s there is primarily going to be swamp rabbits.”
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