October magazine en route to printers

The Louisiana Sportsman staff can’t wait to share the October issue with its readers. The magazine will be heading to the printers today (Sept. 20) and start arriving in mailboxes and on newsstands beginning next week.

This issue not only includes plenty of information for both squirrel and deer hunters, but there are also some hot trout and redfish locations we think you should try!

Here’s a look at the lineup:

Food facts
There are around 600 different species of plants that deer eat in Louisiana. Here are some findings that will help you focus on the most-popular deer foods to up your changes of success.
By David Moreland

Suburban cross
Strip malls and subdivisions are slicing up Louisiana’s piney woods, but that doesn’t mean the deer have gone anywhere. Here’s the best way to take one of these suburban deer.
By Humberto Fontova

Start with Squirrels
They might not be glamorous, but squirrel hunting certainly is more active than deer hunting — especially for kids just starting out.
By Chris Ginn

Tale of Two Weeks
Learn how to change fishing tactics to continue catching Dularge redfish during the transitional month of October.
By Chris Ginn

Pinewood Deer Derby
Pine plantations might not be the best habitat, but piney woods definitely hold deer. It’s just a matter of refining your block of woods to find the winner within.
By Chris Ginn

Home Run Trout
Hit a home run this month by heading to Lake Pontchartrain for some of the best trophy speckled trout fishing of the year.
By Jerald Horst

Haunted Graveyard
Lafitte’s Indian Graveyard is said to be haunted. Certainly a lot of redfish lurk around the burial mound — Just be careful not to spook them!
By Rusty Tardo

Highway robbery
State Highway 1 between Fourchon and Grand Isle provide a great jumping-off point for kayakers looking to find easy pickings for reds, specks and more.
By Terry L. Jones

82 Options
Highway 82 hugs the Southwest Louisiana coast and provides plenty of options for anglers looking for a quick fix.
By Martin Cannon

Going Coastal
Marsh hunting is a step outside of the norm, with the tangle of vegetation making it easy for deer to disappear. Here are some tips to up your odds.
By John Flores

Cypress ball banquet
Cypress trees provide not only an alternate food source for bushytails, but they offer hunters easy opening-weekend limits — without all the hunting pressure.
By Terry L. Jones

Bushytail Booyah
Opening week of squirrel hunting season in the Bayou State presents your best opportunities at bagging a limit.
By Chris Berzas

The rub about deer
The language of whitetail sign-posting is diverse and complex — especially when rut-crazed bucks ravage timber with cluster rubs. So what’s a hunter to do?
By Tommy Kirkland

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