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The November issue of Louisiana Sportsman will be complete by the end of the day (Oct. 18) and hopefully circulating hunting camps soon.

Subscribers will start receiving their magazines next week, and newsstands should have them in stock by the end of the month.

We know hunters are chomping at the bit to fill their deer tags, so we’ll give you some pointers so you’ll never have to guess what bucks are worth shooting. And anglers looking for easy pickings can find out how and where to catch wintertime trout.

Here’s a look at the full lineup:

Scout’s Promise
This Eagle Scout provides tips on how to take more Atchafalaya Basin wood ducks.
By John Flores

Mr. Sac
Bayou Corne is filled with sac-a-lait, and this expert shares how he fills his ice chest — every trip.
By Jerald Horst

Dr. Pontchartrain
This retired Slidell physician has earned his place as a legend in one of Louisiana’s few trophy-trout lakes. Here’s why.
By Todd Masson

Shoot, Don’t Shoot
Are your club’s rules set up to properly manage your deer herd? Take this test to see if you need to make some changes.
By David Moreland

Pike’s Picks
Follow this insider’s guide to Delacroix’s hottest fishing spots for speckled trout.
By Rusty Tardo

War of attrition
The Sherburne WMA complex offers great Thanksgiving hunting options. Here are some tips to making the most of this public-lands tradition.
By Chris Berzas

The Community Scrape
Scrape activity is high this time of year, particularly when deer pay visits to community scrapes.
By Tommy Kirkland

Lazy limits
Duck hunting is all about getting out early and watching birds flying as the sunrises, right? Not if you’re hunting the Mississippi Delta.
By Humberto Fontova

Catahoula PWRs
Hunting hogs in Louisiana is nothing new. Here’s a look at the tradition of hunting the ‘piney woods rooters’ that inhabit the Catahoula Lake region.
By Terry L. Jones

Keep it simple, Stupid
Many anglers believe consistently catching trout is complicated, but this Venice guide says there’s no reason to over-think your approach.
By Jerald Horst

Stick, Move and Communicate
Use this military philosophy to put more fish in your boat, even on tough days.
By Chris Ginn

Outside the Box
Do you know why you throw your favorite spinnerbait? Take some time to really figure that out, and you could catch more bass.
By Chris Ginn

Sweet Treats
Acorns literally carpet many areas in Louisiana, but all of these nuts aren’t equal. Find the ones deer prefer, and you have found a real honey hole.
By Chris Ginn

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