Clean BBQ makes public grills clean

Disposable aluminum covers also great for seafood, veggies

Do you like camping or picnics, but shy away from the grills in parks and campgrounds?

Sometimes it just isn’t feasible to carry your own grill, but you just don’t feel comfortable cooking on those layers of baked-on food so prevalent on the grills in public parks and campgrounds.

Enter Clean BBQ to save the day.

Clean BBQ Grill Liners are disposable aluminum grill-grate covers made from heavy duty aluminum foil similar to the bottom of disposable roasting pans.

The Clean BBQ Grill Liner sheet measures 12 by 20 inches and is made from a sheet of aluminum that is corrugated and flexible so it can be adjusted to fit almost any grill grate with straight bars. In addition, the Clean BBQ Grill Liner is perforated, so the flavor of the charcoal or wood can reach the food and any fat drippings can drain off.

 “The Clean BBQ Grill Liner helps sportsmen and families enjoy grilling out in several ways,” said inventor K.T. Rhee. “First, it minimizes the need for cleaning the grill, as it prevents contact with the grate and old food, which keeps your food clean and free of those black marks from unknown previously cooked things. Second, it really facilitates cooking fish and shrimp, which sometimes crumble or fall through a standard grate. Third, with a light coating of vegetable oil cooking spray, food doesn’t stick and can be easily lifted from the grill to a serving plate. My favorite use is for grilling vegetables.”

Give the Clean BBQ Grill Liner a try at your next cookout. They are available in all Home Depot stores and on-line.

More information and internet orders are available at

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