Wiley X WX Tide

Whether you’re prowling the shallows or hunting big game offshore, the ability to read the water is paramount. And the Wiley X WX Tide sunglasses make it all possible.

The CCTID04 model features matte, hickory-brown frames, amber-tinted and polarized gold mirror coating, and Wiley X’s advanced eight-layer polarization to cut the glare to allow anglers to detect changes in the bottom, spot cruising fish or pick up the subtle glimmer of bait under the water’s surface.

Additionally, the amber lenses help enhance contrast in the cloudy, grey or hazy light conditions often encountered on the water.

A glossy, black frame with polarized blue mirror lenses distinguishes the WX Tide Model CCTID09. Also made with Wiley X’s advanced polarization, this style features a versatile green tint that delivers sharp vision and glare-cutting performance in a wide range of environments. Their specialty is offshore fishing and bright conditions.

As part of Wiley X’s popular Climate Control Series, both of these new models deliver comfort and protection ideal for all-day wear.

MSRP: $150

Website: www.wileyx.com

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