Reader looking for route to Sandy Point

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Dear Capt. Paul:

How do you get to the Sandy Point rigs from Grand Isle?

Thanks, Wizzo


Capt. Paul’s response:

The center of the area, about a three-mile diameter circle, is about 26 miles at a bearing of 116 degrees magnetic east-southeast of the eastern end of Grand Isle.

It is also about 4 miles, at a bearing of 236 degrees magnetic, from Sandy Point. Sandy Point is located along the shoreline of the Gulf of Mexico between Red Pass of the Mississippi River and Bay Coquette. It is south of Bay Tambour and Sandy Point Bay in Plaquemines Parish. The present position for Sandy Point is at or about N29 13.026 x W89 28.971.

If you are fishing the rig area, there is a series of about 28 oil and gas platforms (some may only be 8×8-foot “Christmas tree” type platforms) located about 5 to 8 miles offshore in the Gulf of Mexico between the Empire rock jetty and Sandy Point. They are in 15 to 30 feet of water.

The closest platform to the Empire Jetty in the Gulf is MX-WD 24-4. It is at or about N29 12.538 x W89 32.375. It is about 4.9 miles from the red No. 2 Aid to Navigation (ATON) at the jetty.

Near the above platform, there is a “flare” platform, MX-WD 24-FLARE No. 1. It is at or about N2911.962 x W89 32.172.

The southernmost of the series of platforms, MX-WD 24-5D, is at or about N29 10.707 x W89 32.044.

The easternmost of the series, MX-WD 192-8, is at or about N29 11.451 x W89 30.411.

Two of the most popular locations are near the southwest section of the group.

MX-WD 23-3 is located 5.2 miles at a bearing of 159 degrees from ATON red No. 2, and is at or about N29 10.524 x W89 34.559.

The other, MX-WD 23-FLARE No. 3, is at or about N29 10.489 x W89 33.099, and is about 6.2 miles at a bearing of 146 degrees magnetic from red No. 2 ATON by the Empire Jetty.

The all-time favorite in the area is referred to as the Green Monster, WD-23-3 CMP, which is located at or about N29 10.525 x W89 34.560. I was told that the rig is no longer green in color, but the name remains.

All of these features may be viewed on NOAA charts 11358-Barataria Bay and Approaches and 11361-Miss. River Delta.

Use caution when fishing in the area as when reviewing these charts, you will note that some of the rigs are in federal waters, and as such federal fishing rules and limits apply.

Unless otherwise specified, all positions are stated as H,DDD,MM.mmm, and were determined using WGS 84 datum. All headings, bearings and courses are stated in magnetic degrees, and are shown in statute miles. U

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