Pro-Drive X Series with stick-steering

Pro-Drive is a small company attuned to the wants and desires of its customers, building boats and motors to be used as a unit. Pro-Drive designers and builders all use shallow-water boats and drives when hunting and fishing, are open to suggestions and have the experience to make ideas work.

One of the most prominent requests for the past several years has been for an elevated steering platform, with stick-steering and a foot throttle. The Pro-Drive R&D Shop took the request for stick steering as a challenge and has produced a package that works amazingly well. It is available as an option and is only available factory installed as a unit.

The visibility from the raised-stick steer platform, foot- controlled throttle and quick turning of the stick steering allow remote steering and motor control with quicker response and better handling than a similar boat with a console and steering wheel. The control platform and seat of the stick-steering package make for a pleasant and comfortable ride, while the combination of an X Series boat and stick-steering makes getting there half the fun.

X Series boats are shallow-draft boats designed to make shallow draft outboards really shine and are ideal platforms for theirstick-steering option. X Series boats use a tapered chine that allows them to run higher and draft less water than the typical round or semi-V style boats in all conditions. This also produces less drag, which complements the shallow draft and translates into faster speeds and higher load-carrying capabilities. The tapered chine and smooth bottom allow hulls to maneuver well when running at idle or low speeds. Adding the quicker maneuverability of stick-steering option allows hunters and fishermen to get the most out of their X Series boats.

Pro-Drive boats are constructed of 5086 grade marine aluminum that is 1/8 inch thick. To reinforce the hull, Pro-Drive runs 1 inch x 2 inch rectangular ribs the full length (front to back) of all their boats. The longitudinal ribs are accompanied with 2- by 2-inch square tubing bracing the floor and side walls to make \ hulls almost indestructible.

X Series boats are available in 16-, 17-, 18- and 20- foot lengths with 48-, 54- and 60-inch bottom widths. After deciding which length and width fits his or her needs best, the customer selects from a multitude of accessories and layouts to make the boat just right. Many fishermen and duck hunters feel the stick-steering option is the first thing to be considered. It is available with either of Pro-Drive’s 25- or 37-horsepower shallow-draft outboards.


Length: 16, 17, 18 or 20 feet

Bottom width: 48, 54 or 60 inches

Beam: 65, 74 or 78 inches

Side height: 18 or 21 inches

Hull thickness: .125-inch 5086 marine aluminum

Hull weight:  475 to 675 pounds

Front deck: 4 feet, with storage

Hull warranty: 5-year limited warranty.

Stick-steering features:

Hydraulic power trim, auto-reverse, SS (16-inch) or LS (20-inch) transom lengths, 25 or 37 hp motors, stick-steer operator platform (includes steering components, foot control throttle, and controls). Stick-steering must be factory rigged.

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