Tuna fishing still hot off mouth of Mississippi River

Lake Pontchartrain is entirely devoid of fish attracting structure. Or is it?

Tuna fishing is picking up off the mouth of the Mississippi River, according to LouisianaSportsman.com regular Josh Howard of Deep South Charters.

“We fished Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday,” Howard reported on the Offshore Fishing reports forum. “Monday was a little slow but still managed to boat 7 yellowfin!”

According to Howard’s post yesterday (March 30), last Friday’s charter returned to dock with plenty of meat for the freezer.

“I actually had to work Friday because I didn’t have a deck hand,” the Deep South Charters captain lamented. “I am spoiled and I am used to having help! I was able to rig everything on the way out, made it to the fishing grounds, caught plenty of bait on Frenzy sabikis (No. 4 and No. 6), first baits back, one got nailed, FISH ON!!

“We ended the day with 12 yellowfin tuna, one in the 100-pound class, even stopped to grab a few AJs on the way back in!”

See Howard’s full report and other photos in the Offshore Fishing reports forum.

The hot action continued Saturday (March 26), even though the ride was rough.
“Saturday, with Aaron back on the boat with me, the seas decided to not play nice,” Howard said. “It was a slow ride out; even stopped to amberjack fish to break up the ride.

“After boating a few, we pushed on to the tuna grounds! It was hard to catch bait in the rough water, but we did get enough to start fishing.”

The fishing wasn’t hectic, the crew was satisfied.

“Nothing was fast, but we got one here and there to finish the day with seven yellowfin, three in the 100-pound class, and three amberjack.

Sunday’s charter from Florida wanted to go despite the forecast of rough seas.

“Every charter boat in Venice canceled Sunday due to the rough sea predictions,” Howard said. “I spoke to (the customers) at the dock Saturday night and told him it may be pretty rough, but he wanted to go.

“After a little research, I told him to be at the dock at 6a.m.”

Sunday morning, the boat was pointed toward Freeman South amid big rollers. Once there, it didn’t take long for the action to get started.

“After making bait, Aaron got the first two baits out to have them both inhailed by tuna,” Howard said. “Pulled hooks on one, but landed the other one – over 100 pounds!

“Next bait, FISH ON … over 100 (pounds), pulled hooks while we were looking at it!

The next fish was another triple-digit monster.

“… Aaron and I looked at each other and said, ‘Looks like its going to be a good day!’” Howard recalled. “Fishing was awesome all day! Finished up at 2 pm with a full box: 11 yellowfin tuna. One was 107 pounds, had a 103 and a 97, and also caught a 70-pound big eye tuna which we will put in the record books at No 2 in the state.”

Howard said this is the time make offshore trips and stock up on tuna.

“The tuna fishing continues to be off of the charts,” he said. “If you want tuna, then you want to fish now! Dolphin will be here soon as well!”

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