Gulf of Mexico eddy driving great offshore fishing

Tuna, dolphin, wahoo and marlin move into northern Gulf because of new current

Roffer’s Ocean Fishing Forecasting Service has been monitoring what appears to be the formation of a relatively large Loop Current eddy in the eastern Gulf of Mexico.

“This eddy will have substantial consequences for the fishing,” the service said in a release. “While the eddy has sea surface temperatures of 81 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit, there is blue 77 to 78-degree water extending northward to the coastal states from the Mississippi Canyon to the DeSoto Canyon.

“These are excellent early season conditions for tuna, dolphin, wahoo and marlin.”

Roffer’s said positive fishing reports already were surfacing.

“For the west coast of Florida, blue marlin water is within 100 miles of the coast, and as the eddy rotates (clockwise) filaments of blue Loop Current water will be moving closer,” the release said.

Prior to the formation of this eddy, the Loop Current was extended relatively far northward.

“As fish migrating northward from the Caribbean Sea follow the Loop Current, they traveled relatively farther north this year compared with other years,” Roffer’s said. “While this is favorable for fishing action in the Gulf of Mexico, it is likely to be one cause of the delay of dolphin fishing action in the Florida Keys and northward to the Carolinas.”

However, as the eddy separates from the Loop Current and the Loop Current remains relatively far south, the path to the Florida Current and Gulf Stream Current will be shortened to allow for a more direct route to the Florida Keys and northward.

“So those who are worried about a slow start to the dolphin and tuna season, the situation appears to be changing and improving,” Roffer’s explained. “The good fishing season is not far away, so you should be prepared now.”

Be sure and visit Roffer’s Ocean Fishing Forecasting Service for more regular updates on fishing conditions.

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