Shimano Trinadad A

Providing both a high-speed retrieve and cranking power, Shimano introduces a major upgrade to its classic star-drag saltwater reels with new Trinidad 10A, 12A, 14A, 16NA narrow spool, 16A, 20A and 30A. Loaded with proven features, the new Trinidad reels now incorporate Shimano’s ‘X-Ship’ Gear Support System and E.I. surface treatment for extreme corrosion resistance.

“With X-Ship, we’re able to further enhance the gear efficiency, power and smoothness, plus we’ve been able to reduce the weight on all reels from the original models,” said Robby Gant with Shimano’s product development staff. “When you combine this with High Efficiency Gearing (HEG), the E.I. corrosion protection, and the new compact, one-piece cold forged aluminum frame and sideplate, we’re sure Trinidad anglers will really appreciate this complete redesign.”

Gant notes the weight reduction is possible from the smaller frame, a one-piece cold forged and machined aluminum right sideplate, and an ultra-lightweight cold forged aluminum Magnumlite spool – both the right sideplate and spool feature the E.I. surface treatment. “Anglers will also find a corrosion prevention pad in the manual metal clutch lever, eight shielded A-RB anti-rust bearings in each reel, chrome plated screws and a cold forged aluminum drag star,” Gant said, “all designed so anglers can pretty much abuse these reels in saltwater and have very little worry about any corrosion.”

Each retrieving in 38-inches of line per crank and with 6.3: gear ratios, the TN10A holds 245 yards of 30-pound PowerPro braid, the TN12A handles 280 yards of 40-pound PowerPro, and the TN14A holds 375 yards of 40-pound.

With quick 6.2:1 gear ratios and able to retrieve 46-inches of line per crank, the TN16NA with its narrow spool will hold 370 yards of 50-pound PowerPro, while the TN16A handles 530 yards of 50-pound.  The TN20A and TN30A have the capacity to hold 710 yards and 1015 yards of 50-pound test PowerPro, respectively.

Anglers will quickly notice the new chrome color of the Trinidad A reels, plus a lightweight ergonomic white handle knob and adjustable handle shank. All the reels features Shimano’s Dartainium II drag for high pressures and durability.

In sizes and new and proven features to use all types of lures and baits for just about anything that swims in the salt, “we designed the TN10A primarily for use with our new Shallow Water Butterfly jig system to match up with Trevala S jigging rods,” Gant explains.

Retail: $459.99-$499.99 (depending on model)