Gear Grabbar

Most anglers have lures dangling from every ledge and piece of foam in their boat, but the Gear Grabbar provides an easy way to keep these lures on hand and easily accessible.

The Gear Grabbar is basically a plastic bar, which can be attached either magnetically or permanently, to a boat and holds a selection of lures securely in place with powerful magnets.

Lures can easily be attached simply by holding near one of the magnets – and the strong magnets will suck the hook right into place.

Lures remain in place even in the roughest waters because the magnets simply won’t let go when the lure is pulled directly down. The Gear Grabbar works particularly well on treble hooks, which are held tightly at three contact points.

However, tilt the hook to the side, and the lure slides right off.

There’s even a dedicated set of magnets to hold pliers and forceps firmly in place. And, small accessories are held firmly on the top shelf of the Gear Grabbar.

Retail: $21.95