Shimano Curado 50

Expanding on its most popular and successful baitcasting reel series, Shimano offers the ideal size Curado reels for more fishing situations with the new pint-size Curado 50E and Curado 51E, and the large, high-speed Curado 300EJ. They join the existing Curado E series reels – the ‘Best of Show’ winner at the 2008 ICAST Show ‘New Product Showcase’ awards – including the CU200E7, 201E7, 200E5, 300E and 301E.

Anglers will uncover a large list of proven features – including HEG, Super Free and VBS – on these new size Curado reels, “and with the extensive line-up we now offer in the series, we can now provide anglers with a Curado for just about any freshwater fishing situation, plus in the salt for inshore species and for use with our new Waxwing sub-surface swim jigs and Shallow Water Butterfly jigs,” said Robby Gant with Shimano’s product development staff.

For light bass lures and jigs, and also on the saltwater flats for redfish and sea trout, the CU50E and left-hand retrieve CU51E feature seven bearings – a shielded A-RB anti-rust bearing, five shielded stainless steel ball bearings, and a A-RG roller clutch bearing. “With an aluminum frame, A7075 aluminum Magnumlite spool and graphite sideplates, these new Curado reels are all about super lightweight – they weigh only 6.9-ounces, and smoothness with our strategically placed bearings,” Gant said.

Both the CU50E and 51E have 6.4:1 gear ratios and will retrieve in 25-inches of line per crank. Rated for use with monofilament, fluorocarbon and PowerPro braided lines, they will hold from 105 yards of 10-pound mono, and up to 80 yards of 40-pound PowerPro.

With the needed high speed retrieve 6.9:1 gear ratio, the Curado 300EJ reel is designed primarily to match up with Terez Waxwing rod to fish Shimano’s Waxwing 88 Boy and 118 Jr. Waxwing sub-surface swim jigs, or with the Trevala S rods for use with Shimano’s new shallow water Butterfly jigs – the Slidend, Centervortex and Whirligig.

“This reel works perfect with this Shimano fishing systems, and the low-profile design and lightweight construction all contribute to all-day fishing comfort,” said Gant. We also see freshwater anglers using it to quickly rip big swim baits for bass and big blade baits for muskies.”

The CU300EJ also features seven bearings – a shielded A-RB anti-rust bearing, five shielded stainless steel ball bearings, and an A-RG roller clutch bearing, a lightweight aluminum frame and graphite sideplates, and an oversized single counterbalanced jigging handle to help move big fish with maximum torque. When used with Waxwing sub-surface swim jigs and shallow water Butterfly jigs, fishing systems designed for use with PowerPro braid, it will from 205 yards of 50-pound test, and up to 105 yards of 80-pound test.

Retail: $199.99-$259.99