Balloon Fisher King will make fishing balloon rigs easier

Balloon Fisher King is a new entry into the tackle world that will make balloon fishing simpler, easier and more efficient than it has ever been.

For decades, fishermen have used balloons to suspend baits, but it’s always been a little difficult to attach fishing line to a balloon. The Balloon Fisher King system was specifically designed to make balloon fishing faster and easier.

Balloon Fisher King has a lightweight composite clip that secures a balloon on one end and uses a pinch mechanism on the other end to secure it to the fishing line. The balloon is inflated to the size needed for the bait and water conditions and is then attached to the fishing line with the pinch mechanism.

The pinch surface is made to grip the line firmly, but not damage it. If the tide rises or falls, the depth of the bait can be adjusted in seconds simply by pressing a button and repositioning the clip on the line.

The starter kit begins at $6.99 and includes a balloon clip and 10 5-inch latex balloons. The balloons are high quality and refill kits are available in two sizes.  Five-inch balloons are recommended for baits weighing less than 2 pounds and 9-inch balloons work with heavier baits. A multi-pack of balloon clips will be available as soon as the packaging is finished.

Before reaching the market, the Balloon Fisher King system was tested by a variety of boat, bank, kayak and pier fishermen and all gave it an enthusiastic “thumbs up.”  It is simple, durable, inexpensive and it works. For more information visit  

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