Plano introduces new tackle satchel

Framework of container allows easy switching of smaller containers

Plano has introduced the Flex ‘N Go Tackle Satchel for the angler on the go. This adaptable system allows fishermen to be prepared for largemouth bass today, striperd bass tomorrow and even your favorite saltwater species for the weekend.

The Flex ‘N Go is a storage container developed for traveling with species-specific and technique-specific tackle. While it will stand upright like a briefcase for storage or when fishing, the Flex ’N Go features adjustable built-in storage with a deep bin on one side and the framework for a pair of swappable Plano 3600 StowAway® boxes (two are included) on the other. The deep bin of the main frame can hold all the swivels, sinkers, leader, hooks and more that are needed for any fishing, while the other side allows switching a pair of StowAway boxes loaded with specific lures and tackle for the species of the day.

There is even a specific version for saltwater anglers. The Hydro-Flo Flex ‘N Go boasts Plano’s exclusive drainage system to keep salt from crystallizing on your valuable lures. The interchangeable Hydro-Flo boxes (two are included) are riddled with strategically located holes to encourage a thorough rinsing and allow quick drying of the tackle and lures. It’s simple too!  Just rinse the tackle while in the boxes and the corrosive salt is flushed away, so your tackle is fresh and ready to go for your next adventure.

The Plano Flex ‘N Go Tackle Satchel is fully interchangeable. The deep bin on one side holds the standard tackle and flexible straps allow quickly and easily changing the 3600 size StowAway® boxes on the other.

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