New app delivers the goods

Relive every aspect and learn from each trip with Anglr Labs

Historically, fishing has been behind the times where technology is concerned. Perhaps it’s the laid-back nature of many anglers or maybe it’s due to an unwillingness of folks to want others clued in to their hot spots thanks to an eye in the sky. Whatever the reason might be, we’re catching up with the world at large with technology like Anglr. It might not be for everybody, but if you have even a passing interest in things like how many casts you made throughout a day, when and where you caught fish or how far and where you ran, it’s worth looking into.

Anglr (yes, that is how you spell it) is touted as being the world’s first-ever connected technology platform for fishing, and includes the world’s first rod-mounted catch (and cast) detection device. The device, called the Anglr Tracker, is connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth and feeds the Anglr app real time data all day long. It’s meant to be connected to your rod via supplied O-rings, but cable ties work nicely, too. It automatically records casts, weather conditions and your position and you can manually enter things such as your target species, and when and where you catch a fish. This is pretty cool stuff to go back and look at when piecing together the day’s pattern or planning for another trip. Looking at the snapshot overview the trout and redfish trip I made is pretty cool, but would be made cooler if I had remembered to record all the fish catches. I was fishing out of Buras with a Capt. Lloyd Landry and we smashed the trout, despite the screenshot above saying there was only one caught. And I forgot to turn it off; we didn’t fish for 15 hours.

There’s more to Anglr than the app, however. You can upload your data to your computer on the Anglr Log Book and review it there as well for more detailed insight into your day.

The Anglr app is free works on both iOS and Android operating systems. The waterproof Anglr Tracker has a battery life of roughly 24 hours continuous runtime and costs is $129.99 and a 1-year subscription to the Anglr Log Book is $50.

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