Trout bite on at Delacroix for those willing to bounce around

Tuesday morning dawned overcast, and it was just too much of a temptation to resist. By mid morning, I was on one of Delacroix’s lakes hearing the sweet “knock, knock, knock” of a Top Dog zig zagging toward the boat.

The black-and-red lure was soon engulfed, and I was battling what felt like a nice fish. Unfortunately, it came unzipped halfway to the boat. The loss was redeemed minutes later when an 18-incher slammed the bait.

And that was it. Not another sniff.

Louisiana Sportsman editor Todd Masson was at the trolling motor, and he didn’t hesitate – he grabbed a corked rig and started popping it to call to any trout in the area.

“I limited out right here on Friday,” Masson said.

But 30 minutes later not a trout had been boated, and the Delacroix veteran was ordering lines in for a run.

The tide was pushing in, and we expected the water to clean up nicely. However, we found marginal water, at best, everywhere we went.

“I don’t know why it’s not cleaning up,” Masson said.

Finally, we headed farther south to an area neither of us had fished since before Hurricane Katrina. Bay Lafourche was calling.

As soon as we broke into the bay, the water clarity changed. It still wasn’t exactly beautiful, but it was much better.

And corks were soon disappearing underwater.

Over the next couple of hours, we managed 26 more trout. We did have to weed through some dinks, but by the time we headed back just before dark we had enough eaters to satisfy both our families.

“It wasn’t easy fishing, but the trout are definitely here,” Masson said.

Be sure to watch the attached vid to hear Masson talk about current fishing conditions at the Island.

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