Top spots to find specks out of Grand Isle this weekend

Croakers, live shrimp and soft plastics all working now

EDITOR’S NOTE: Electricity to Grand Isle was knocked out during Thursday’s storms. hears it could be well into the weekend before power is restored, so just be prepared it you’re heading down.

Thousands of shrimp moving out of the passes each May mean the speckled trout are soon to follow, and reports coming from Four Bayou Pass to Fourchon this week confirmed that trout are indeed moving into the Gulf.

Anglers lucky enough to have fished earlier this week were well rewarded.

Bridge Side Marina owner Buggy Vegas, with son Robert and his fiancee’ Chelsea Hughes fished the rocks off of Fourchon beach — check out the video here.

They were following Capt. Herk Bergeron of Pair-a-Dice Charters. These rocks are holding plenty of big trout but they were being finicky on Monday – only touching live shrimp and croakers. Drift lining with live croakers on the back side of the rocks proved to be the best method to catch.

The trout were not so finicky to the east with plenty of specks being caught from Grand Terre to camps at Four Bayou Pass. The worst problem was keeping aggressive dolphin from taking the fish.

Even on Tuesday when winds picked up and waters muddied, Kirk Fleming of Grand Isle reported catching 41 trout behind Grand Terre Island on lemon head Matrix Shad.

If the winds die down we’re looking toward a perfect weekend for speck chasers. The key will be finding clean water — and hoping the electricity comes back on.

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