Wading for trout will get your adrenaline flowing at Sabine Lake

Fat, healthy trout like this one are what we are after when wading during March.

If I could be outdoors only one month out of the year, I would pick November, hands down.

However, if I were only allowed to fish one month out of the year, I would possibly choose March after weighing my options. There is more than one reason and more than one species of fish that would lead me to make that decision. I will address a few here.

For starters, I really anticipate March 15 every year as we gain access to fish over 100,000 acres in the Sabine National Wildlife Refuge. The past couple of years the bass fishing in there has been the best I have witnessed in my 35 years on this earth. The numbers of redfish that I am seeing in the refuge has been down somewhat compared to year’s prior, but those bass are doing big things. If you are into catching bass, the fact that the spawn is going is just an adrenaline rush to a sight-fishing junkie like myself.

Second, if the weather allows you the opportunity to head to the blue water, the wahoo bite can be absolutely incredible during March. It sure is nice to switch gears every now and then from casting your arms off to doing some trolling. Better be in shape though. That action can get fast and furious!

Wade the lake

Third, and the one I am most particularly excited about, is wading Sabine Lake this March for speckled trout. Things are lining up for this to be the best March we have had in the past handful of years over here on Sabine.

It is really looking good currently from the salinity, water clarity and both the size and number of trout that we are seeing. We will undoubtedly catch some of our heaviest trout of the year while wading in March. Catching them on topwaters is the icing on the cake!

The wind will likely blow most days so I opt for a larger, noisier topwater lure. My favorites include the Super Spook and One Knocker from Heddon and the She Dog from MirrOlure. There are several colors that I like to throw, although I am most fond of the Clown color from Heddon. From MirrOlure I really like the red head, chartreuse back and chrome body.

I will change up the lure and color when I am getting short strikes. I find that sometimes it is the color. Other times it is the size of the lure. Then again, other times I will have to switch to something subsurface to hookup, although my preference is to catch them on top. I am at the stage of fishing where I want to catch them on what I want to throw.

Unlike other bodies of water, Sabine does not offer much wading opportunity other than along the main shorelines. Some areas you can wade a good ways out including parts of Coffee Ground Cove and Stewts Island. Other areas like Game Warden Cove and Blue Buck point you will not be able to get very far off of the shoreline before water starts to top your waders.

I definitely have my favorite locations that I like to wade fish. Coffee Ground probably tops that list, however I will key in on mullet activity and water clarity mostly this month. If I have my choice, I prefer to fish an incoming tide during March.

Capt. Adam Jaynes can be reached at (409) 988-3901 and on Facebook at Just Fish Guide Service.