Trout at the Lake Pontchartrain Trestles

The month that keeps on giving, both from Santa and the sea

Although November is probably my favorite month, December is a close second. If it stays a mild winter, the bridges of Pontchartrain will continue to produce nice specks along with the local man made canals. Also, the MRGO will be red hot as it is every winter.

The other thing that may happen is the groundhog may say that winter is coming early. Then water levels will plummet along with water temperatures. If this happens, the trout will go on strike and the reds will bundle up like bees in a hive. If water levels plummet don’t look to catch a red or two. Instead, look to catch 30 or 40 in the same spot. They will not be spread out. You will need to cover a lot of water, but when you find one you will find the motherload.

Make sure to watch the latest Dockside TV episodes on fishing all the bridges and try and duplicate those methods as long as water temps stay over 55 degrees. You can purchase the MEGA Matrix here.

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