Trout at Coffee Ground Cove

Jamie Boudreaux with a nice winter speckled trout.

If you are after a speckled trout in February, you must be pretty dang mad at them. February is cold, wet and more cold; it is arguably the most difficult month to fish for trout, but the most gratifying trophies may be caught at this time.

There is probably no better area than Coffee Ground Cove on Sabine Lake to do that and I believe that for several reasons. Coffee Ground offers deep-water access, which is a must during the winter. This same area will also tend to hold the saltiest and clearest water for the longest amount of time.

Bottom structure is also critical and there is a variety to be had here. You may find the trout on the sandy flats during the warmer, sunny days in February, or you may need to fish the deeper, soft dark mud bottoms on the more frigid days in the winter. There is also scattered shell and some shell bars that trophy trout have been known to haunt as well as many redfish.

I pick MirrOdine

I really do prefer the MirrOdine, probably even over the Corky, as a wintertime big trout bait. It is definitely a much easier lure to fish and does not require any tweaking.

Obviously the Corky Fat Boy is notorious for catching trophy trout in the winter, but it is a difficult lure to fish for the majority of anglers. Although there are many pretty and shiny hard and soft plastics alike, a tail still needs to be in every fisherman’s repertoire. They are simple, inexpensive, and easy to work and they still catch fish despite what your fishing buddy tells you. A 1/8-ounce or a 1/16-ounce jighead is best for the winter.

If you have time available, then I would choose your fishing days wisely. The first couple of days following a front are typically the most difficult days to catch a solid trout. When the weather warms back up following a front and the low pressure sets back in, that is when you need to be wading the flats.

Look for activity

When pulling up to your fishing location during the month of February one key fact that must not be ignored is activity. If the area is dead when you troll up to your location to make a wade, then most likely the area is, in fact, dead. I would recommend moving on elsewhere.

Redfish like this one caught by John Martin Busceme can be found by the boatload in Coffee Ground during the coldest months of the year.

Nevertheless, time on the water is always time well spent. Things can get dangerous and even deadly when out on the water during the cold. Make sure and let someone know where you are going in case there are any issues. Respect the weather and keep warm as possible. And don’t forget Coffee Ground Cove.

Capt. Adam Jaynes can be reached at (409) 988-3901 and on Facebook at Just Fish Guide Service.