Trout limit changes for the Texas side of Sabine Lake

(Photo by Chris Berzas)

On Sept. 1, anglers fishing in all of Texas coastal waters, including the Texas side of Sabine Lake, will become subject to a 5 trout daily limit with a minimum length limit set at 15 inches. No more than one speckled trout exceeding 25 inches is allowed in the daily creel.

Louisiana anglers may follow the current Louisiana limit of 15 trout at 12 inches or better in length with no more than two over 25 inches when fishing the Louisiana side of Sabine Lake and launching and landing in Louisiana.

Texas Parks and Wildlife coastal fisheries staff proposed the change, in part, to simplify regulations by having a single statewide limit on speckled trout as well as to protect and enhance the fishery.

The commission discussed exempting Sabine Lake from the five-trout limit but decided against that option.