Redfish move into Lakes Borne and Pontchartrain full force

But how long will it last?

Chas Champagne took his daughter Charleigh out fishing and got into some hungry redfish in Lake Pontchartrain despite the abundance of fresh water!

“Lake anglers are used to catching quality trout during the months of May and June but this year we have been thrown a huge curve ball — the double opening of the Bonnet Carre spillway for the first time in Lake Pontchartrain history,” said Chas, owner of Matrix Shad lures.

Chas normally fishes both Lake Pontchartrain and Lake Borne for meaty speckled trout this time of year.

This abundance of fresh water has completely driven the speckled trout out but small redfish have filled the void in full force, he noted.

While the lake is fresh at the moment it is actually pretty clean right now. But the second opening of the spillway is beginning to take over the lake for the second time this year with dirty water from the Mississippi River.

How long will it take for the river water to completely take over?

“Only time will tell but while we wait on that to happen we will be catching as many of these 16-22” reds as we can, stocking up to grill them on the BBQ pit for the rest of the summer in case the spillway shuts the lake down again.”