It’s a great time to catch fish trolling Sabine Pass

It is time to turn up the heat and the winds to lay down. The weather may be hot, but so is the fishing. That makes for perfect conditions for trolling up and down the Louisiana jetties out of Sabine Pass.

I am a self-admitted sight fishing addict, so I prefer to troll up tight to the rocks so I can search for fish the entire time. Keeping the sun behind your back, of course, is the preferred method to help aid with spotting fish just beneath the surface. If possible, I will let the wind and current make my drift and only use the trolling motor to keep the boat off of the rocks. Fishing in this manner will be the least disturbing to the fish and increase your chances of getting bit.

Sight casting to speckled trout is not something we get to do around here on a regular basis. However, with a little time, patience and luck it can happen. I like tossing soft plastics rigged on an 1/8-ounce jighead. A 4-inch Sea Shad from Bass Assassin in colors Opening Night or Crystal Shad are a couple of definite must-haves in the lineup. I know there are a lot of other anglers that really prefer to bump a swimming image off the rocks with a lot of success as well, but I prefer the soft plastic in this scenario.

Give it a shot

You are more likely to spot redfish, sheepshead and drum than you are a speckled trout but if you are up for a challenge, I’d give it a shot.

The best area to fish along the rocks is anywhere the water is able to pass through from the gulf to the channel and vice versa depending on the tide. These areas create a more turbulent flow acting as somewhat of a funnel, giving predatory fish a prime opportunity to feed on their prey. Other prime locations used to be much more difficult to find but with the electronics that are available nowadays, it’s a cinch if you know how to use them.

Once you are able to locate the bottom structure you should target the down current side, this is where the gamefish will be staged. Fishing this sort of structure will require a heavier jighead. Depending on how quickly the current is moving anywhere from a 1/4 to a 1-ounce may be required to fish the structure effectively.

Deep water, too

The same soft plastics will work in this deep water application, but if targeting redfish I would switch to a 4-inch Gulp Swimming Mullet.

Every summer I look forward to the opportunity to fish the jetties on calm days, especially when the water clears. I really enjoy the opportunity to catch additional near shore species that we don’t typically catch in the lake such as Spanish mackerel, triple tail and jack crevalle.

You may need to bring some wire leaders if the mackerel and the sharks get thick, or be ready to make a trip to your local tackle store!

Capt. Adam Jaynes can be reached at (409) 988-3901 and on Facebook at Just Fish Guide Service.