Mild winter so far means hot trout action on Big Lake

Glow and opening night two key colors, Poe says

With relatively mild temperatures so far this winter, the speckled trout action on Big Lake remains solid heading into 2015, according to a fishing guide.

Capt. Nick Poe, with Big Lake Guide Service, said water temperatures have remained in the upper 50s for the most part, and he’s even still catching trout under birds.

“It’s pretty good,” Poe said. “It hadn’t been cold, so they’re still biting. There’s still fish under birds up in Turner’s Bay, and there’s also fish in the Ship Channel in that deeper water.”

MirrOlure Lil Johns in glow and opening night continue to be his bait of choice on either 1/8- or 1/4-ounce jigheads.

“The 1/8-ounce has been pretty good lately in about 9 feet of water when we’re not fishing birds,” he said. “But the birds are still picking, so with them, it’s as fast as you can get it in the water.”

In his last four trips in December, Poe said he’s caught four limits of trout, plus a limit of redfish three times.

“Turner’s Bay is where I’ve been going. With a north wind, I’ll drift back toward the island,” Poe said. “With a south wind, I’ll start toward the island and drift toward the Ship Channel.”

This time of year, Turner’s Bay is always a good option, he said.

“The trout aren’t looking to spawn now, so they just move up the estuary a bit where there’s more marsh influx rather than Gulf influx,” he said. “They don’t have to have that salinity anymore. There’s more to eat and the current isn’t as strong way up there, so it’s easier on the fish.”

Black Lake is another possibility to try, Poe said.

“I’ve also gone to Black Lake three or four times, and we don’t even make it to Black Lake because we run into birds picking somewhere along the way.”

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