Marsh Man Masson vid: Hot crabbing action with amazing underwater footage

Crabs big, fat, plentiful right now

Fishing is always on my mind, but when summer heat wraps South Louisiana like a hot, moist, miserable blanket, I can’t help but pull out a couple dozen nets, bait them up and drop them down to ravenous blue crabs.

The summer crab season is in full swing right now, so my son, Joel, and I took advantage. After buying some cheap turkey necks, we made a predawn trip to one of our favorite crabbing holes, and filled an ice chest by 8:30 a.m. It was as easy as any outdoor activity gets, and we got to enjoy the fruits of our labor later that evening.

Now, crabbing isn’t as mindless as some people might think. There are definite tricks of the trade that will ensure your friends and family feast on claws rather than hot dogs.

In this video, I share what I’ve learned from a lifetime of pursuing the tastiest crustaceans along the Gulf Coast. I also drop an underwater camera down to see what goes on in a net while it’s on the bottom in a productive area.

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