Marsh Man Masson vid: A great day of cold-water fishing

Records catch of tagged redfish

Just three days after a snowstorm blanketed the Deep South, I slipped out onto frigid waters that were at their lowest levels of the year to shoot a video for the Marsh Man Masson YouTube channel. Not sure what I’d find, I ended up catching fish all day — including one that was a first for my career.

Many anglers shy away from fishing after harsh winter fronts, but they can often usher in some of the best action of the year for speckled trout, redfish and marsh bass. Extremely low water levels that result from stiff northwest winds mean fish have nowhere to go except to deep holes. Many times, the water will be dirty after strong fronts, but that’s less likely in areas with lots of submerged aquatic vegetation.

Even in other areas, fish that are stacked like cord wood waiting for better conditions will feed if given the chance.

Water temperature in the area I started was only 50 degrees, which is about as cold as it gets in South Louisiana. The marsh bass still fed, but they weren’t terribly aggressive. The redfish, on the other hand, were like anteaters that had just knocked over a fresh mound.

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