Best bets for October specks

Capt. John Pounders said October also is a great month to target specks in Lafitte — but it can also be a tricky time.

“It really all depends on the fronts: how cold they are, how hard and how long they blow,” Pounders said. “Usually, we still have some warm weather in early October, but by the end of the month it’s a lot cooler. Each front that comes down reinforces the last one, and they come with more frequency so the weather fluctuates a good bit.

“But the bottom line is October starts warm and ends cool, and that keeps the fish on the move.”

Pounders generally targets specks in four areas this month:

1) Old Cheniere — “It’s just a small shell island east and slightly north of Plum Point, but it’s consistently big on production,” Pounders said. “I fish all around it with live shrimp, if you can get it, under a cork. If live (shrimp are) not available, then I’ll use Vudu shrimp, H&H TKO shrimp or Gulp shrimp 2 feet under a cork.

“Troll and cast on all sides of the boat, and stick the Power-Pole when you catch fish.”

2) Coffee Bay, focusing on the points in Little Lake — “I like to anchor at a prominent point where I find good current and clean water, and fish there with live shrimp, Vudu, TKO or Gulps under a cork,” Pounders said. “And you always want to keep an eye open for birds diving in the area — particularly seagulls. The trout under them are likely keeper size, and you can catch them with single or double-rigged plastics under a cork.

“Just don’t roar into them with the outboard. Stealth is the key; approach from upcurrent so you can drift into them, using the trolling motor as necessary. As soon as you get a bite, hit the Power-Pole and see if you can add some numbers to the box.”

3) Brusle Lake — “This is the month the specks start showing up in Brusle, and they’ll hang there throughout the fall” Pounders said. “I like to drift and troll the middle of the lake over the grass beds, casting live shrimp, Vudu shrimp, beetles or TKO shrimp under a popping cork.

“I want to find clean water, moving water and any sign of baitfish in the area: mullet, minnows, shrimp, whatever, ….”

4) Turtle Bay — “Same baits, same tactics — just focusing on the points and cuts along the shoreline,” Pounders said. “I like to troll the bank and cast plastics under a cork, and stick the Power-Pole or Cajun anchor when you bump into fish.”

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