Where to go bream fishing in the Atchafalaya Basin

Beadle has several regions that are easy to get to with short runs from local landings in Berwick and Morgan City.

“The north part of Duck Lake is usually a great place to fish,” he said. “Guys should fish around the trees in the lake. There are also some nice sprigs of grass and laydowns to fish.

“In American Lake, at times you can catch them. The mouth of Bayou April and Bayou February where it drops into Bayou Saul always has lots of boats pounding the chinquapins, goggle-eyes and bass each spring.”

There’s also plenty of fishing outside the Basin in the Stephensville area.

“Grassy Lake (on the Stephensville side of the Basin) has some edges of tree lines that have some great chinquapin fishing, but all around the lake is great,” Beadle said. “The Cheramie off Grassy Lake is good, along with all of the canals off the Cheramie. I have done well up in the northern part of Lake Verrett.”

But timing is important, no matter what part of the Basin system you choose.

“Don’t wait too long if you plan a trip there,” he said. “It can be over in two to three weeks after it starts.”

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