The Thunder Cork

Freddie McMullen’s fertile mind has spawned a rattling cork specially designed for bream and crappie fishing. Dubbed the “Thunder Cork,” it features tiny BBs in two glass tubes firmly affixed to opposite sides of the cork.

“Some freshwater corks come with rattles,” said McMullen, “but they are located in the stem of the cork and the sound is muffled by the foam of the cork. The result here is more racket. When you are reeling in a fish, you can really hear it.”

McMullen’s brother Mike, who works with him in marketing the product, is sold on it. “At first, I wasn’t convinced. But he kept catching five to my one when I wasn’t using it and he was.”

Each chartreuse cork is marked with a zig-zag slash. I asked him why the corks hold a lightning mark when they are named Thunder Corks. “Because you can’t draw thunder,” was his terse reply.


Maximum action is obtained by jerking the cork four or five times in a row per cast, allowing the cork to remain still from 5 to 60 seconds between jerks.

Marketed with his brother Mike through McMullen Outdoors, the corks are found in selected tackle shops or can be ordered directly by calling 318-376-2723. Their newly constructed website,, provides instructions for the cork’s use and has a photo gallery of catches made with the cork, but directs the reader to order by telephone at present.

A brand new addition to the line is the Lightnin’ Cork. Besides being pink in color, it is 3 inches long compared to 1 ½ inches for the Thunder Cork. It is designed for larger freshwater fish, speckled trout, and redfish.

The Lightnin’ cork is also heavier and allows for longer casts.

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