Duck Commander’s No. 1 crappie tip

Flexibility is key to success

Don’t be hard headed — that’s Jay Stone’s No. 1 crappie tip.

“When I first stared crappie fishing, I thought I knew what I was doing.” Stone said. “But I started paying attention and realized you can always learn something new.

“This isn’t just a cork-and-minnow sport anymore.”

What’s the top lesson he’s learned?

“I think the most-important thing that I learned the hard way was that you can go ahead and use big baits in the springtime,” Stone said. “Some of the best fishermen even use 1/4-ounce jigheads and 2-inch tubes for the big (fish). Bigger baits will catch bigger fish.

“And I don’t think that super-light line is as important as some people say. I’ve seen people catch crappie on 12-pound line, even in the clearest of water.”

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