Video: Watch Elite Series pro Palaniuk catch 12-pounder

GoPro video shows huge Texas bass nearly rip rod out of Bassmaster pro’s hands

Think you’ve been under pressure to lip your buddies bass? The poor guy in this video is tasked with grabbing a massive fish that weigned more than 12 pounds — and the angler shouting at him was Bassmaster Elite Series pro Brandon Palaniuk.

The GoPro vid, shot recently on a public Texas lake, shows Palaniuk toss out a swim bait only to have what would turn out to be the angler’s heaviest bass to date nearly rip the 8-foot Huddleston rod from his hand.

The fish later weighed in at 12 pounds, 4 ounces.

Palaniuk, a two-time Bassmaster winner who has made five Bassmaster Classic appearances, can be heard grunting as he takes a step to maintain his balance. He then heads to the rear of the boat as he reels the madly thrashing hawg into the video frame.

“No, I can’t … flip that thing!” he said in response to his partner’s question. “Dude, this is my … ShareLunker, maybe.”

A ShareLunker is a Texas bass weighing more than 13 pounds that is donated to the state for use in its hatchery operations.

The poor lip guy lays down on the deck of the boat, right in front of the GoPro camera, and is subjected to a barage of, well, let’s just say “encouragement” from Palaniuk.

“Dude, get her! Get her! Get her right now …!” he shouted as his partner grabs the line.

And when the monstrous bass comes over the gunwale, the celebration begins.

“Yeah! Boom!” Palaniuk shouts.

The vid goes on to show the fish weighed, and then released back into the water.

“I’m going to let her go — let somebody else catch her,” he said just before allowing the fish to swim away.

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