Tips to stay warm during winter fishing trips

The average winter temperature range in the bayou state is 64 to 41 degrees during December and 61 to 41 degrees in January.

However, Louisiana does have its share of winter fronts that drive temperatures below freezing and allow daytime highs to hover only in the 30 and 40s.

So the wind chills can be brutal when fishing early morning hours and running in boats even at moderate speeds.

When winter fishing, wear layered clothing as you would when hunting. You can always peel clothing off when the daytime temperatures warm up.

Winter fishing gear should include a hoody of some sort, a stocking cap and possibly a face mask to break the wind. Most of a person’s body heat is lost above the neck. By keeping your head warm, it often helps to keep the rest of your body warm.

It’s illegal to drink and operate a watercraft and foolish to think alcohol warms you. In fact, it does the opposite. Instead, bring a thermos of your favorite hot beverage to warm your inner core.

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