Time your trips to the Bogue Chitto River

When it’s hot, it’s hot. When it’s not, it’s not.

The clear, babbling waters of the Bogue Chitto River can turn into a raging chocolate brown torrent just 24 hours after a heavy rain.

Even moderate rains can make the water milky and increase current speed, making fishing difficult.

“Good fishing begins about May when the water warms up and the fish get active,” according to Schilling. “That lasts until October or November. The key is clear water.”

“It’s probably at its very best when the river turns green at the end of September,” added McElveen. “It will get a green tint, probably from algae growing on the gravel.”

“Yeah, when the river comes up after a heavy rain, it washes all the algae off the rocks,” elaborated Schilling.

“When the river is up, the catfishing is good though — limb lines for tabbys (flathead catfish), trotlines, floaters and bird lines (trotlines with their main line above the water, but with the hooks hanging into the water) are good for catfish.

“Rod-and-reel fishing with shiners or worms in deep holes is good, too. Sometimes, you can tie up in a good spot and catch 20 without moving.”

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