Reader Report: Two 11 pounders

Michael Crapanzano of Hammond was fishing at Bussey Brake Reservoir when he caught this 11.14-pound bass.

Bussey trip pays “double” double digit dividends for Hammond anglers

My friend Chris Davis and I love bass fishing and we are from Hammond. We have heard all the hype about Bussey Brake Reservoir up near Bastrop.

My buddy’s birthday was coming up, so he said, “Let’s make a trip up there for a chance to catch a big one.” So we made the trip.

We arrived on Thursday, March 23. We only caught six fish. Nothing special. We actually thought about going over to Caney Lake Friday, but stuck to our plans, knowing we had a shot at a giant.

Friday morning we went to a stretch I saw in the map. First bite of the day, flipping a ½-ounce jig, I caught an 11-pound 14-ounce bass. She had me wrapped up in the bush. After a few minutes, we finally got our hands on her. We took some quick pictures and measurements for a replica. And then we returned her back into the same bush I caught her out of. We ended up catching 20 or so that day. All of them were from two to six pounds.

This 11.11-pound lunker was caught by Chris Davis on March 25 at Bussey Brake.

The next day we went back to the same stretch. My buddy was flipping a Senko and he yelled, “Get the net. It’s a giant.” It was and, yet again, a lunker going 11 pounds, 11 ounces. We took pictures and measurements for a replica and released her.

Catching those big fish was awesome but there’s a moral to this story. This lake is truly something special. I hope people and the state realize just how special it is and take all necessary precautions to keep it going in the direction it’s headed.

-Michael Crapanzano

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