Proposal would remove bass slot limit on Caney Creek Reservoir

Catch and release reduces impact of length limit regulations, LDWF says

The Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission is considering a proposal that would scrap the protected 15- to 19-inch protected slot limit for black bass, as well as the eight-fish daily take, on Caney Creek Reservoir in Jackson Parish.

According to a news release, daily limits would revert to the statewide regulations of 10 fish daily, with no length limit. Possession limit would be the same as the daily take on the water, and twice the daily take off the water, the release states.

The slot limit was initially introduced in an effort to increase production of trophy bass, but biologists determined the rule had little impact on the fishery because of the high rate of catch-and-release practiced by Caney bass anglers, according to the release.

Interested persons can comment on the notice of intent by contacting Jeff Sibley, District 1 Biologist Manger, vie email prior to Nov. 20.

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