Lunker locales – The big bass hotspots at Toledo Bend

If you’re heading to Toledo Bend looking for a double-digit bass, these maps will help you key in on the best locations.

Toledo Bend has become the epicenter of big-bass hunters from across the country, pumping out dozens of super-sized lunkers annually over the past few years.

The success of the lake’s fishery lead to last year’s naming of the massive reservoir as the nation’s No. 1 bass fishery by Bassmaster.

In May 2015, the Toledo Bend Lake Association awarded a record 81 lunker bass replicas — each representing the catch of a fish weighing at least 10 pounds during the previous 12 months.

Among those double-digit bass were 47 10-pound fish, 28 in the 11-pound class and six topping 12-pounds.

The largest tipped the scales at 12.81 pounds.

And an amazing 50 10-pound-plus bass were caught between January and May 25, 2015.

This reputation has meant the lake crowds each spring with anglers, each of whom dream of tussling with their fish of a lifetime.

The problem is that the lake stretches 65 miles along the border of Louisiana and Texas — so where should you begin your search?

Glad you asked. We looked back at last spring’s crop of Toledo Bend lunkers to pinpoint big-bass hotspots.

This review revealed the Indian Mounds peninsula and its surrounding waters, including the Housen area, delivered the Mother Lode of Toledo Bend double-digit lunkers.

But other waters also hold trophy bass. So we’ve broken the lake into three parts, with a legend to help decipher where you might be able to find a lunker to call your own.

Just match the numbers on the maps to the associated legends to discover where each angler caught his lunker, the date of the catch and the lure used.

And then hit the water this month and fish hard — and let us know when you tag your own Toledo Bend lunker.

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