Lacassine Pool bass genetics

Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries’ Eric Shanks said that, although affected by the drought of 2010-11, bass stocks appear to be rebounding quickly.

“Fish do survive,” Shanks said. “Size structure can be affected for a little while, but they can rebound and return to normal. I am expecting a little better year than last year.”

Another factor that affects bass size is the abundance of Florida genetics in Lacassine Pool bass.

Since 1985, combined stocking by the LDWF, and the federal Fish and Wildlife Service has droped more than 1 million Florida bass into the pool, according to LDWF data.

The last genetic analysis of bass sampled in the Pool in 2009 indicated Florida genetic influence in 52 percent of bass sampled.

“Some of the big fish we sampled are also native bass, as indicated by a 9-pounder there,” Shanks said. “We only see a small percentage of pure Floridas, and most of the genetic influence comes from the (hybrid) generations.”

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