Gamakatsu G-Power Flip & Punch Hook

Gamakatsu, which makes some of the best fishing hooks on the market, has come up with one that is sure to attract the attention of bass fishermen who want a strong hook for flipping heavy cover and punching baits through thick, matted grass.

Bass pro Aaron Maartens helped design the G-Power Flip & Punch hook, which comes in sizes 2/0 through 5/0. The heavy, tournament-grade wire hook features a welded eye and custom tin keeper for better holding soft-plastic baits on the hook, a shorter hook point for faster penetration and to better avoid hang-ups or fouling while still being long enough to stick a nice fish.

The hook comes in a nano smooth-coat finish that ensures Gamakatsu’s reputation as the sharpest hook in your tackle box.

MSRP: $6.99 (4-pack)

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