Caleb Sumrall gives nod to Kajun Boss spinnerbait

When bass pro Caleb Sumrall of New Iberia finished fishing the Bassmaster Elite Series and headed home to his backyard, the Atchafalaya Basin, the first bait he tied on for November action was a Kajun Boss spinnerbait.

It’s his favorite spinnerbait, especially in 1/4- to 3/8-ounce models with double willow-leaf blades.

“I’ve done well with it in clear lakes,” said Sumrall, who fishes it with a fast retrieve around shallow points. “You know, it’s a time when bass are feeding up hard and heavy.”

The spinnerbait is deadly, he said,

“Anywhere bait is present. It’s very important to match the blade to the size of the bait that you find,” he said. “In the Basin, you can throw it around wind-blown trees, wind-blown points, also laydowns, anything near moving water. Drains will be a good place — anywhere you’ve got water fluctuating out of a drain.”

Kajun Boss features

Sumrall said he’s partial to the Kajun Boss because of its quality, razor-sharp black nickel hook, the light but durable .032-gauge wire and ultra-realistic 3D eyes. He prefers a white or white/chartreuse skirt; he tries to match the brightness of the bait to the color of the water he’s fishing. If it’s dirtier water, he uses a whiter white or a brighter chartreuse.

Caleb Sumrall likes to fish a Kajun Boss spinnerbait around a variety of kinds of cover in the Atchafalaya Basin in November because the water has cleared appreciably.

The double willow-leaf blades can be any combination: two golds two chromes or a mix.

Usually, he doesn’t add a soft-plastic trailer. If he does, it’s a Missile Bait Shock Wave, a 31/2-inch swim bait. Also, he added, he doesn’t use a trailer hook unless he’s fishing in open water.

Sumrall, 32, fishes the bait on 15- or 17-pound Sunline FC on a Daiwa reel with a 6:3 ratio seated on a 7-foot-4, medium-heavy Kistler Rod.

Sumrall, who won the B.A.S.S. Nation Championship in October 2017, varies the retrieve to see what the bass want, but most of the time he fishes it fast, high in the water column.

“Vary your depths, and every now and then, vary your retrieve,” he said.

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