Steven Prudhome’s duckweed lunker

Steven Prudhome displays his 10.57-pound Toledo Bend lunker taken on a Texas-rigged, black-red-flake Zoom Ol’ Monster worm in Housen on Saturday, May 2. (Photo courtesy Toledo Bend Lake Association)

Zwolle’s Steven Prudhome and his wife Jennifer decided to make an afternoon fishing trip together on Toledo Bend waters Saturday, May 2.

The 37-year-old angler launched their boat at Big Bass Marina and initially headed out to deep waters where Steven spent some time graphing points on the floor of the lake bed.

“We caught just a few short fish there, so then we headed out to Housen,” Prudhome said.

The anglers motored over to a location that usually held some hydrilla, but none could be found on this trip.

“I looked straight across from where we were and saw an area with duckweed on it,” he said.

After arriving, Prudhome began a series of pitching a Texas-rigged black-red-flake Zoom Ol’ Monster worm in 6 feet of water.

“I pitched it into the duckweed for the third time working it almost right to the boat when she made a light hit on it,” he said.

Prudhome set the hook and the fish responded with force by running 25 feet away from the boat.

“It was when she rolled on the surface then that we saw her and knew she was big,” he said. “She went right back under pulling drag.”

Jennifer then began cheering for Prudhome to bring the fish in.

“The fish then ran straight back to the boat and went under,” he said. “I was thumbing my drag the whole time hoping I could tire her.”

Netting the big fish

The fish would turn and Prudhome would gain on it, but she would respond by heading under the boat again.

The fish repeated this course of travel four times.

“On the last run on her way back from under the boat she glided to the top of the water and Jennifer netted the fish,” he said.

When the huge fish was aboard, the Prudhomes celebrated for a while after examining the fish.

“We were whooping and hollering so much Jennifer believed everyone fishing Housen could hear us,” Prudhome said.

“I didn’t have a scale in the boat, but I knew it would be close (to 10 pounds),” he said.

The anglers decided to call it a day and ran back to the launch to trailer the boat and drive over to Buckeye’s landing to weigh the fish on a certified scale.

Officially, Prudhome’s lunker weighed 10.57 pounds on Buckeye’s certified scale making it eligible for entry into the Toledo Bend Lunker Bass Program.

It is fish No. 37 in the program for the 2019-2020 Toledo Bend Lunker Bass Program season, and Prudhome will receive a replica of his fish courtesy of the Toledo Bend Lake Association.

Steven Prudhome

  • Date fish taken: 5/2/2020
  • Anglers’ name: Steven Prudhome
  • Hometown: Zwolle, Louisiana
  • Location where fish taken: Housen
  • Depth taken: 6 feet of water
  • Lure used to catch fish: Zoom black-red-flake Texas -rigged Ol’ Monster worm
  • Other tackle used: (rod, reel, line): 7-foot 3-inch Boyd Duckett rod; Johnny Morris Signature reel; 14-pound Sunline Shooter fluorocarbon line
  • Certified Weigh station: Buckeye Landing
  • Certified bass weight: 10.57 pounds
  • Entry number of bass in the Toledo Bend Lunker Program: 37
  • Tagged and eligible for replica from Toledo Bend Lake Association: Yes
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