Bucket-list fish — I CAUGHT IT!!

If snook lived in the marshes of South Louisiana, they’d likely be the only species I’d fish for. Sadly, however, snook like cold weather about as much as your average cactus, and Louisiana’s waters just get too chilly to support the species.

So, if you want to catch a snook, there are only two states that offer the opportunity — Florida and Texas.

I’ve dreamed of catching one ever since I lived in the Sunshine State three decades ago, and I finally got the opportunity last week to scratch the fish off my bucket list, making a much-anticipated trip with Capt. C.A. Richardson.

We had to delay the trip a bit, due to the passage of a surprisingly strong April cold front, but once we finally got on the water, the vistas were breathtaking and the action was excellent.

I didn’t take home the prize for largest snook ever pulled over the gunwale of Richardson’s Hell’s Bay Marquesa, but it mattered not to me. I finally scratched an itch I’d had for 30 years, and it felt great.

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