Effective duck calling

There is a big difference between “Contest Calling” and “Blind calling.” Here are the dos and don'ts for effective duck calling.

Expert boat-blind tips

Popup boat blinds are great tools for duck hunters looking to attract more ducks into shooting range, but there are some tricks that will maximize their hunting success.

Spinning-wing decoys: On, off or out?

Another flock of grays was lining up on approach to our spread, just as we'd planned.

Calling all ducks — Top 9 duck-calling tips

Have you put the time into truly learning how to call ducks into shotgun range? These hunters tell how to get the most out of your time.

Prepping for early season success

New birds in the Bayou State make make for action-packed early-season duck hunting. Use these tips to fill your strap on opening day.

Blind brushing tips for opening day

With the Louisiana waterfowl seasons kicking off this month, duck and goose hunters across the state will be heading out to scout and brush blinds. 

DIY decoy rigging

For the hunter looking to save a few dollars and customize his decoy rigging, materials can be assembled for less money than pre-made rigs.

How to set up your duck decoys

Dekes are probably the most important controllable factor for the average hunter. Here’s how to set ‘em up — so you can shoot ‘em down.

Don’t shut the door on opening duck day

Duck hunting season is almost upon us here in Louisiana. Weed out common hunting mistakes so you’ll be ready when it opens again.

Duck decoy basics hunters need to know

With fewer ducks and more hunters competing for limited hunting territory, successful waterfowlers need to reach deep into their decoy sack of tricks.