Wiley X introduces 10 new models

Wiley X is introducing 10 new styles to their line of sunglasses this year. The new models include all the features anglers have come to expect from Wiley X, including impact-resistant lenses and shatterproof frames that have made them the leading choice of U.S. Army Rangers and Navy Seals. […]

Deer Hunting

Muzzy 85-grain Phantom-MX

Muzzy built the compact and aerodynamic 100-grain Phantom-MX for hunters wanting a traditional style with superior penetration, and it delivered. Now, Muzzy has designed a lighter, faster broadhead option – the new 85-grain Phantom-MX, which features the same unbeatable and superior flight as its larger relative. […]


Browning First Aid kits

Unfortunately, accidents happen in the sporting world. That’s why Browning offers five first-aid kits. The kits, designed to support groups of varying sizes and different excursion lengths, are crafted from high-quality material to withstand the rigors of the field. […]