Hurricane Coverage

Louisiana Highway 1 washed out but passable east of Fourchon

Homeowners and camp owners are being allowed onto Grand Isle, but only in convoys led by local authorities because Louisiana Highway 1 east of Fourchon was heavily damaged by Hurricane Isaac, has learned.

“The road is washed out the whole way, but they’re letting people come down in convoys,” Louisiana Sportsman’s Tony Taylor said this afternoon while driving to check on his family’s cap on Grand Isle. “They’re convoying people in if you have a camp or home on the island.”[…]

Offshore Fishing

Ling Lessons: Catch more lemonfish with these tips

With the motor idling to keep the boat in position against the running tide, the captain nosed toward a small oil-field structure in the Gulf of Mexico and tossed some fish pieces under the barnacle-encrusted legs supporting this steel island.

As the succulent chunks of fish slowly disappeared into the aquamarine water, larger shapes materialized to create a frenzy just below the surface. Soon, various other fishy objects, large and small, appeared.

Aggressive fish darted out from under the platform to snatch their share of morsels.[…]

Bobby C's Outdoors

Gun safety a must when dove season opens

Last week, this writer recounted the best dove hunt of my life, when I limited out — 12 back then — in less than a box of shells in under an hour. But even better than my shooting was the organization of the hunt, which was held by a Delta landowner to benefit his son’s high school baseball team.[…]

Hurricane Coverage

Hurricane Isaac could cause fish kills, LDWF says

As Hurricane Isaac makes its way toward landfalls, huge amounts of rainfall are expected. And that could cause turnover of waterways and fish kills throughout the impacted region, the Louisiana Department of Wildlife & Fisheries said today.

And LDWF officials are asking anglers and boaters to report any fish kill by calling 800-422-2511.[…]

News Breaker

Dove-hunting shooting hours clarified

Information detailing dove-hunting shooting hours in the printed version of the 2012-13 Louisiana Hunting Regulations was wrong, the Louisiana Department of Wildlife & Fisheries reported.

The shooting-hours note on page 28 of the printed regulations booklet indicates Sept. 3 is the exception to the standard rule that shooting can start a half hour before sunrise and continue until sunset.[…]